Brock Ethan Ferlaak

Born in Vero Beach, Florida in the year 1999. He grew up in small towns along the Lake Michigan coast and eventually found himself in the city of Holland where he began performing in various theatre productions at his high school, for some of which he recieved acting accolades from MIFA(Michigan Interscholastic Forensic Assosiation).During these years he took up an interest in film and writing which led him to one of the nation's top film schools ~ the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. At the institution Brock wrote, produced, directed, and did dozens of odd jobs on film productions for the school. 

He also formed a deep love of art-house cinema from Truffaut and Cassavetes to  Hal Hartley and Tsai Ming-Liang. He has created dozens of avant-garde and experimental films on his own, and loves to shoot on Hi-8 tapes with his old Sony Handicam. Brock will be relocating to New York City later this year and is currently working on spec scripts, manuscripts, short stories, and adapted work into screenplays. He has continued to act in film productions and hopes to do so in the future. 

Entertainment journalism is another one of his passions, with an interest in all topics connected to the lives of Artists. His work can be sampled from his Writing Portfolio, and he is always excited for new opportunities to write for publication. Solicitations for writing, acting, or filmmaking can be sent via email by navigating to the Contact page.